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Ecommerce focused Warehouse solution to Improve Inventory visibility & accuracy

Ecommerce Focused Warehouse

Ecommerce focused Warehouse solution to Improve Inventory visibility & accuracy. Item level traceability, advanced returns management. Warehouse Anywhere offers supply chain network services driven by real-time tracking technology that lets you manage inventory assets with tremendous.

Wide Range of

Warehousing Services

Gracious Logistics & Warehousing provides our clients a comprehensive offering of warehousing services. Our clients appreciate the efficiency of working with a single provider.

Services we offer:

  • Temperature Controlled Storage (-15 degrees F to 70 degrees F)
  • Frozen, Refrigerated, & Dry/Ambient Storage Available
  • LTL Consolidation programs for Frozen, Refrigerated and Dry product
  • EDI order processing
  • Racked Facilities and Convertible Space
  • Order fulfillment/Pick & Pack/ Kitting Solutions
  • Container Loading and Unloading
  • Voice selection

This wide range of services is provided with an eye toward reducing costs for our clients while also maintaining or increasing the quality of the supply chain. For example, the use of voice selection for warehousing services offers our customers faster and more accurate order picking. Since warehouse staff have both hands free, they do not need to refer to paper documents and they can take advantage of verbal order verification.

The Importance of Integrated Warehousing Services

Our clients further benefit from the fact that, as a comprehensive logistics provider, Gracious is able to offer integrated and seamless transport and warehousing services. Our customers do not need to worry about miscommunication or lack of coordination as goods are moved off trucks into warehouses. By having one company oversee as much of the supply chain as possible, Gracious is able to better ensure that transfers, handovers, and the like, are done quickly and properly from start to finish while maintaining cost-effectiveness and a high level of quality.

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